Beauty Society Review






When our customer orders a refill, we plant a tree.



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There are many reasons people are choosing to become a Beauty Society Advisor ❤️

📌 Profit Sharing for Premier Advisors with no pay level limits

📌 Inventory free business, no need to pay for huge stockpiles of inventory and you never need to ship anything yourself. Beauty Society ships directly to every customer.

📌 Incredibly high personal sales commissions of up to 50%

📌 Unlimited levels of earning potential, with no pay level limits

📌 25% Advisor discount on all personal orders

📌 Free shipping on all personal orders over $40, and discounted shipping under $40

📌 Zero credit card transaction fees, unlike many companies……. Beauty Society does all that they can to keep your cost of doing business down.

The Beauty Society Compensation Plan

IMG_6821 In addition to our trainer, in your back office, you will be provided with online training to run your business as well as product information.  This is provided in both written and video format.

Beauty Society Founder and CEO, Jeannie Lorin, eagerly answers any questions that our team has.  She wants you to be successful and genuinely cares about you and your clients.  Never before in the direct sales industry,  have I experienced such a positive, serving culture.

IMG_6822IMG_1573 Learn how how you can become a Beauty Society Advisor



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